Have you ever found yourself in this situation when you’ve needed a translation?

  • You need to translate documents, and want the job to be done by a translation service.
  • You’re looking for a low-cost service.
  • You need to translate a large volume of text.
  • The translation is for general understanding or use within your company or organization.
  • You need to understand overseas documents, or need to make an English version of an internal report or notice for apartment residents.
  • You want to preserve the layout of the original document.
  • You’re concerned that free AI translation services online may not be secure.

HUAIT is the solution for you!

HUAIT is a translation service where experts in AI translation work with AI technology.

Benefits of HUAIT

Provided by a highly experienced translation company *1no tools or expertise required on the client side
Low priceless than half the price of our standard translation services
Large volumes can be translatedno maximum volume
Translators work with AI technologyhigher translation quality
Free trialsee the quality level for yourself before placing an order
Keeps the layouttranslations are done in the original layout of the document*2
Provides the security you needhigh-security tools managed separately for each client

*1 English to Japanese and Japanese to English
*2 With some exceptions

Comparison of free AI tools and HUAIT

Free translation tool HUAIT Benefit of HUAIT
Translation work
Convenient but requires editing

Handled by us
More user-friendly

Low price
10MB per use, etc.

No limit
Large volumes can be translated
Tool only

AI + expert
Greater quality
Unification of terms
Not possible

Greater quality
Preservation of layout
Not possible

Possible (usually)
Greater quality
Low (shared service)

High (individualized service)
Greater security